A three dimensional dynamic maze is coming in December 2020!

A traditional maze is static. Imagine covering a cube with a maze. Then break the maze into six parts and make each part rotatable independently. Now it becomes a dynamic maze: C-Maze!

The goal is to move an indicator from a starting position to a finish position by finding a continuous path through six rotatable faces.


Size Comparison

Our C-Maze is Fully Patented! US Patent Number 10780341

Our C-Maze will be made in the USA!

We have partnered with a local injection molding company to manufacture all C-Maze puzzles right here in New York State, USA.

It is not just one puzzle, there are 15 puzzles in total!

All six faces of C-Maze can be swapped with one another, creating a total of 15 puzzles. The difficulty levels of these 15 puzzles vary from easy to medium to hard.