A traditional maze is static. Imagine covering a cube with a maze. Then break the maze into six parts and make each part rotatable independently. Now it becomes a dynamic maze: C-Maze!

The goal is to move an indicator from a starting position to a finish position by finding a continuous path through six rotatable faces.

Watch the videos below to see how it works.

Multicolor version

Single color version

It is not just one puzzle, there are 15 puzzles in total!

All six faces of C-Maze can be swapped with one another, creating a total of 15 puzzles with different difficulty levels.

We plan to have future releases of new face panels that you can use on C-Maze. For example, adding a 7th face panel can create 75 new puzzles in addition to the current 15. These new face panels can either make the current C-Maze easier or more challenging.

You can play C-Maze by yourself or with friends

C-Maze is not just to find a path. Each of those 15 puzzles has its own minimal steps to go from the beginning to the end. You can figure it out all by yourself, find a solution with your friends, or challenge them using the shortest time.

C-Maze comes with a variety of colors! You can choose your favorite color or a combination of all colors.

Our C-Maze is all made in the USA!

We have partnered with a local injection molding company to manufacture all C-Maze puzzles right here in New York.

Our C-Maze is Fully Patented! US Patent Number 10780341

We just launched an Indiegogo campaign, you can purchase your C-Maze here: https://igg.me/at/c-maze